The Boy with the Seeds

There was once a boy named Amadu, who lived in a remote village surrounded by a large body of water.

The villagers were happy and satisfied at the way they lived. They were few, so most of them knew one another while others chose not to socialise.

Everyone except Amadu’s family was doing well. Amadu’s family had very little to eat and had little money. His father was a debtor and made many foolish deals which made him lose a lot of money.

Amadu lived with his parents and his grandma. A night came when his grandma called him over to her room. She handed him over a bag of seeds and told him to plant it the next morning. He asked countless times, “What plant is this?” “I’ll tell you tomorrow. My head hurts and I need to go to bed.” She said as she told him to go back to his room.

The next morning came and instead of him to plant the seeds as his grandma asked him to, he threw them over a bush and began walking back to his house.

Shortly after he did that, a villager passed by, took a look at the bag and screamed joyfully. The man yelled his name as he was walking back “Amadu, aren’t you using this?” Immediately, he yelled back, “NO!”

Later that evening, his grandma asked him if he planted the seeds. He lied and said yes.

He asked afterwards, “Mama, what are those seeds? Are they that useful?” She replied “Yes! Very much so. Those are sesame seeds. Those seeds are very expensive so we can sell it and get money for food.” Amadu’s mouth dropped open as she was speaking. He felt so foolish and guilty at the same time. “How could I have thrown away those seeds? What is wrong with me?” Those thoughts circling around his head.

He couldn’t sleep that night. He was trying to remember the person who picked up the bag of seeds but he had already walked away and didn’t bother looking at the person’s face.

The next morning, he ran off looking for the person. He went to the market first to see if he would be selling them there. He asked everyone one by one whether they found seeds in a bag yesterday.

He didn’t find the person that whole day and went home crying. He knew he was going to be punished severely for losing the bag of seeds and lying.

That evening as he was walking to his house, a man carrying a large bag saw him and went over to ask what was wrong. Amadu narrated the story to him and then the man laughed.

The man explained to Amadu that he was the person he gave the seeds away to. As soon as those words came out of the man’s mouth, Amadu immediately stopped crying and smiled in relief. He asked the man if he could collect them back but the man refused.

“These seeds are very expensive in the market; I can’t just give them away. You have to earn them. Maybe you can come and work on my farm for 3 days, if you still want them.”

Amadu had no other choice but to work in the man’s farm. He knew that if he got back home, he would be as good as dead.

The three days passed and Amadu was paid with his bag of sesame seeds. Immediately, without hesitation, he went over to plant the seeds. He could not lose them a second time.

After a few weeks, the seeds grew and were harvested. Amadu and his mum went to the market and they sold the seeds for a very good amount of money. It was enough to pay off all his dad’s debts and provide food for a long time.

What’s the moral of the story?